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Recent Winners


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Hi, I’m Pete Sheridan,

Let me tell you something about the service I have developed.

After checking over tipsters for 10 years and failing to find any reliable ones, I gave up and started studying the job full-time.


My three main objectives were:

1. Simple to use and understand bets which never cause big dips in your betting bank.

2. I was looking for an approach that showed a steadily rising curve, as my profits built up.

3. Being able to eventually draw a full-time income from my betting profits.


Lots of services are just rubbish, some are too complicated and not enjoyable, some have runs of losing bets which mean you can’t stick with them, and some do ok – but not nearly well enough.

Personally, I have read everything there is to read about successful betting strategies and finding winning bets.

This service seeks to share that knowledge with you.


I made some simple rules when putting everything together:

1. There had to be a maximum of four easy to play bets a day

2. I wanted zero or absolute minimal losing runs

3. I wanted them to be playable with a conventional bookmaker, not just the exchanges

4. I wanted some simple options in staking these bets effectively


Other than to earn a decent living from my endeavours, the above were my only considerations.

As of 2023 I am now earning over £3K per month from betting and it takes me no more than an hour out of my day.

Actually, I could earn even more, but I am happy with about £40,000 tax free income alongside my redundancy pay out in 2019.

If you are happy with being able to earn around £40,000 tax free income from successful betting with my service and strategy, then I want to invite you in to join me!

Over £750 Profit Per Week
Strike Rate Is 76.22%
Average £3,389.22 Profit Every Month
No Losing Runs

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